Carp Fish Farm UK

Quintons Orchard Carp Fish Farm

Quintons Orchard Carp Fish Farm UK specialises in high quality carp restocking for coarse fishing venues throughout the UK and is home to the famous Staffordshire ‘Supa’ Carp.

The farm was established in 2004 and our Carp are the progeny of fish from Orchid Lakes and the Carp Society’s Horseshoe Lake. Waters known to produce carp over 40lb in weight.

  • There is potential for the carp we farm in Staffordshire to reach weights of 30lb+ in as little as 7 to 8 years.
  • Our carp are fed on a complete, specialist carp pellet diet and all sizes are available from 4inch up to 20lb+.
  • Our carp are a mix of Commons, Mirrors and fully scaled Mirror Carp.
  • Bouncing with vitality these brilliant looking carp tend to develop red-ish tinges on their lower fins, an eye catching “trademark” enhanced during growth.

Carp Reared in a Dedicated and Managed Growing Facility at our Fish Farm UK

Carp Fish Farm UK

Quintons Orchard Carp Fish Farm UK

Protected by anti-avian predator nets and wires, in an un-fished environment (no other species present). Carp virus-free stock with samples regularly tested by independent fish pathologists.

Quintons Orchard’s Fish Farm UK carp rearing facility is a successful diversification within a healthy arable and beef business. With generations of farming experience behind them, David Froggatt and his family do not take short-cuts or cloud the gene pool. They do everything to the highest standards to produce TOP CLASS carp stock.

Carp Fish Farm UK – OUR CARP

All our stock carp are grown in natural spring fed pools, protected by anti-avian predator nets and wires.

Quintons Orchard Carp Fish Farm UK

Quintons Orchard Carp Fish Farm UK

Our carp and tench are fed on a specially formed diet which incorporates a specialist pellet and whole grain cereals along with us encouraging as much natural food intake as possible. This ensures healthy and varied diet which means our carp have very good muscle growth rather than just pure fat weight gain. This we feel adds to the life expectancy and overall health of our carp and tench.

Our entire carp and tench stock are free from KHV, SVC and other terminal disease. CEFAS carry out regular site inspections and stock tests. Our carp and tench stocks are also independently health checked every six months by fish pathologists, which in-turn with our strict bio-security plan we implement on the farm means that we believe our carp stock are some of the most healthy and fastest growing British farmed carp available on the market.

All our larger carp are hand-picked out for their shape, scale pattern and growth and are grown on in outdoor spring fed stock pools.

Carp Fish Farm UK – Our Strains

We believe our strain of carp to be one of the finest.

Our carp are the progeny of fish from Orchid Lakes and the Carps Societies Horseshoe Lake cross and English Leaney cross. From these fantastic original broodstock, we now produce some of the best looking and fastest growing heavily scaled British strain of carp around.

Quintons Orchard Carp Fish Farm UK

Quintons Orchard Carp Fish Farm UK

Carp Fish Farm UK Growth

Our best one year carp to date reached 2lb 3oz

Our best two year carp to date reached 5lb 8oz

Our best three year carp to date reached 9lb 10oz

We believe that there is potential for our carp to reach 30lb plus in as little as seven to eight  years.

Delivering nationwide carp and tench to some of the best day ticket and syndicate waters in the county.