Quintons Orchard Fish Farm:

All fisheries wishing to stock our fish must have a valid CEFAS site permit in place.

At the beginning of January 2015, the legislation regarding stocking fish changed from the old section 30 content process to a live fish permit system site. Before you can apply for a permit the water must be registered with CEFAS as the Environment Agency require your CEFAS Registration number to process your application.

To apply for your site permit:

The process of apply will take approximately between 2 to 4 weeks normally. If your site, is in a conservation area them the time may be extended to up to 8 weeks due to Natural England consultation times.

Please note that Quintons Orchard Fish Farm will not supply any fisheries that are not CEFAS and Environment Agency registered.

For latest restocking carp price and special offers please call:

Lee 07813 774142 or David 07973 548098

Quintons Orchard Fish Farm Carp Price Guide

How we sell and grade our carp / tench stock

Carp Price - Carp Price Guide - Fish FarmCarp / Tench from 4″ to 10″ 

Carp / Tench of this size are all hand counted and graded regardless of order size.

Whether you order 500 or 5000 Carp / Tench the entire order is hand counted, we do this to ensure that you receive exactly what you have ordered and paid for. Carp / Tench between 4″ to 10″ are Carp Price - Carp Price Guide - Fish Farmsold per fish – i.e. 4″ to 6″ carp are 80p each = £80 per 100 fish. Minimum order of 300 fish.

Carp / Tench over 10″ 

Carp / Tench over 10″ are sold per lb. These carp / tench are still all graded by hand for every order and weighed out into your pool upon delivery to confirm that you are getting the weight you have ordered and paid for.

Re-stocking Carp – price per size

4″ to 6″ – 95p

6″ to 8″ – £2.20

8″ to 10″ – £3.90

Restocking Carp Price sold per lb

10″ – 3 lb                 £5.50 per lb

3 lb to 6 lb              £6.50 per lb 

6 lb to 9lb               £9.00 per lb  

9 lb to 13 lb            £15.00 per lb 

13lb to 15lb           £18.00 per lb 

15lb to 18lb           £22.00 per lb

18lb to 22lb           £30.00 per lb

22lb plus                 POA

Restocking Tench Prices

4″ to 6″         £2.00

6″ to 8″         £3.75

8″ to 10″      £6.00

10″ – 2lb       £12.00 per lb (Sold by weight)

2lb to 5lb     £18.00 per lb

All prices are subject to VAT

Small Order Surcharge £25 for orders under £500

Restocking Carp / Tench Delivery Nationwide

Delivery charges

Free delivery on all orders over £3000 up to 100 miles

1-50 miles    £75
50 miles+     £1.50/loaded mile

All our stock are regularly health checked and are KHV and SVC free stock, we are routinely inspected by CEFAS, health checks are available on request.